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First Aid Oz

First Aid Oz delivers Government Recognized courses across Australia.

First Aid or CPR certification expired ? – or do you need to get certified ?

We can come to your workplace, school or sporting club – or you can come to one of our regularly scheduled classes.

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Note: NEW UNIT CODES below, check that you are enrolled in the most current versions.

Units we deliver include:

Our courses are delivered using a combination of online resources and face to face training, to minimize your down time and allow flexibility to complete theory tasks in your own time and setting.

For those who are disadvantaged by distance, or COVID19 restrictions, work-from-home conditions or just plain time poor, our ONLINE FIRSTAID COURSE and ONLINE CPR UPDATE options allows the flexibility of completing the course from home, work or on remote location.

Online options cover all the same material as the face to face classes, the only difference is assessment is performed via video streaming or upload.



Having all the right equipment on hand is useless if you don’t have the skills to use them. It is essential to get qualified and learn the necessary skills, as is keeping that training current.

As we all know, any skill that goes unpracticed becomes rusty, and at such a critical moment where someone’s life may depend on your competence and confidence, you don’t want to let them down in their time of need.

FirstAid and CPR training is required to be renewed regularly, as there are always advancements in training and in methods of performing both CPR and other emergency responses and recommended firstaid treatments.

Whether it’s for work, industry registration or personal interest, let us assist you in keeping up to date in your first aid training and certification.

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