In addition to classes, First Aid Oz provided learning resources and materials that will help you learn and administer First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).


First Aid Kits

We offer a range for First Aid Kits for sale, from bum bags to large First Aid Kits for the workplace, club or home.

Students can either pre-order them at time of enrolment, and collect them at class, or we can post them anywhere in Australia.

Order your First Aid Kit here.



First Aid Oz has a range of First Aid videos on its parent YouTube page (Global Fitness Institute). These not only act as a learning resource to assist you during your course, but also as a point of reference to keep you up to speed between certificate expiration dates.

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First Aid Posts & Blogs

We release a series of posts on the management and treatment of certain First Aid conditions. These are also useful both to the student completing their course, as well as a reference at other times.

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