Upcoming Classes

Upcoming Classes

upcoming classes

First Aid Oz has upcoming classes scheduled on the following dates and locations:


20th (Thursday, 10.00am) – First Aid & CPR – Melton, Victoria  BOOK HERE

29th (Saturday, 10.00am) – First Aid & CPR – Laverton, Victoria  BOOK HERE


16th (Wednesday, 6.00pm) – First Aid & CPR – Melton, Victoria  BOOK HERE


To attend one of the sessions listed – simply sign up at JOIN A FIRST AID COURSE


Alternatively, to renew your First Aid or CPR online, complete renewals ONLINE COURSES


First Aid Oz can come to you to conduct First Aid training and provide Nationally Recognized Certification for your business, club or organization ANYWHERE IN AUSTRALIA.

To host a group session CONTACT US


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New dates for upcoming classes are generally added at the completion of the next scheduled class.

Be sure to check the date on your previous First Aid or CPR certificate to make sure that you renew prior to the expiration date, particularly for those who require currency for employment or industry registration purposes.


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