Online First Aid Courses

Online First Aid courses are only recommended for those who have previously completed a first aid training, or those who are unable to attend a typical face to face first aid course.

For those who have Covid19 symptoms or other contagious illness, or are restricted by distance, Covid19 or similar restrictions, our ONLINE FIRST AID COURSE options allow the flexibility of completing the course from home, work or on remote location.

Rest assured, you will cover all the same content as we do in class, and will be guided with instructional videos and explanations.

For those who choose the First Aid or CPR online option, it is preferred that you have access to a Mannikin so that you are able to simulate CPR, and/or another person to act as casualty for bandaging and other tasks.

Face to face classes are always the preferred and recommended option for First Aid training and assessment.

The First Aid courses currently available online are:

HLTAID011 Provide First Aid
HLTAID009 Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
HLTAID012 Provide First Aid in an education and care setting

When you are confident to attempt the practical assessment, you will submit practical assessments via video.

Note: for those who choose either First Aid Course or the CPR online course option, it would be ideal if you had access to a First Aid mannikin, or be able to simulate the breathing and compressions on another person, giving very clear directions in your assessment video.

For those who choose the First Aid online option, you need to have access to a another person to act as casualty, so that you are able to simulate CPR, bandaging and other tasks.

Additionally, for the Online First Aid courses, you will require a well stocked First Aid Kit.

For all those persons enrolled in a full First Aid course (HLTAID011 or HLTAID012), we offer a FREE CPR course (HLTAID009)

Need a First Aid Kit for your home, office or car ?

First Aid Kits for sale 3

First Aid Oz has custom made First Aid Kits available for sale in our online first aid store, or you can select the size kit of your choice, on the course booking form

We can have it ready for collection at you class, or mail it out to you.

First Aid Management with Practical Skills

Online training courses are a great way to learn and with our first aid training courses you can learn basic emergency life support. First aid knowledge like cardiopulmonary resuscitation is demonstrated in detail, as cardiopulmonary resuscitation is one of the most common types of assistance required.  

A Comprehensive First Aid Course that is Online 

Basic emergency life support is literally life saving knowledge. When you are trained by a registered training organisation and Australian skills quality authority, you will receive accredited first aid training and a first aid certificate. 

Our online training is a comprehensive first aid course, Knowing cardiopulmonary resuscitation and what to do when emergency first aid response is required is too important to put off till later.

Purchase First Aid posters for your office, classroom, business on to use as learning resources.

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