USI – Unique Student Identifier

USI – Unique Student Identifier


A USI is your lifelong education number – you only need to create it once.

They are a requirement for anyone undertaking vocational training, whether it be a single unit or an Advanced Diploma.

First Aid training also requires that you have a Unique Student Identifier before participating in training.

We cannot provide your number to you. If you do not have one, you will need to apply for one yourself on the official government USI website, below.


Already have a USI?

If you have undertaken any VET training since 2015, you probably already have a USI. Find it now.

Identification requirements

You need one form of identification to create Your Unique Student Identifier


The whole process takes less than 5 minutes


Sharing your number with education or training providers

As a Nationally recognized training provider, we will need to collect and verify your Unique Student Identifier.

We obtain this number from your enrolment form.

Please ensure that the name on your course enrolment is identical to the name you used to create your USI.

For example, If you included your middle name (or initial) on your application, you must do the same on your course enrolment form.



Is your Course Missing from your account ?

You can Authorize us to add it for you. (see below)

To provide permission to a provider, VRB, or TAC:

  • log into your USI account via the USI Student Portal
  • select Provide Your USI
  • scroll to set up access Permissions
  • from the permissions option, enter the provider name or code. This information must match the organization name/code recorded with – please enter Global Fitness Institute (RTO21793)
  • set the permission type
  • select an expiry date (3 months to 2 years).



first aid ozGlobal Fitness Institute




First Aid Oz is a trading name of Global Fitness Institute (RTO21793)